Evrinomy Avdi, Senior Research Fellow

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    Evrinomy is associate professor in clinical psychology at the School of Psychology, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, and associate research tutor at the AFNCCF. She is a clinical psychologist, psychoanalytic psychotherapist and drama therapist with a long-standing interest in constructionist research on clinical practice. Evrinomy has been teaching and writing on the use of qualitative research methods in clinical work, and has been involved in several projects examining the experience and process of psychotherapy.

    Her research interests lie in employing qualitative methodologies, and in particular discursive and narrative approaches, to the study of psychotherapy process.

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  • Selected Publications

    Avdi, E. (2015). Discourses of development in the consulting room: Analysing family therapy with children. Feminism and Psychology, 25(3), 363-380.

    Avdi, E. (2015). Fostering dialogue: Exploring the therapists’ discursive contributions in a couple therapy. In M. Borcsa & P. Rober (Eds.). Research perspectives in couple therapy: Discursive qualitative methods (pp. 71-88).Heidelberg: Springer.

    Georgaca, E., & Avdi, E. (2011). Discourseanalysis. InD. J. Harper & A. Thompson (Eds.), Qualitative research methods in mental health and psychotherapy: An introduction for students and practitioners (pp. 147-162). Chichester: Wiley. 

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