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Peter Martin, Senior Research Fellow

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    Peter is Lecturer in Applied Statistics at the Department of Applied Health Research at University College London. As a statistician, he has been involved in the evaluation of child and adolescent mental health services, the analysis of Hospital Episode Statistics, as well as survey design and analysis.

    His research has traversed a variety of areas, including life course studies; social attitudes, racism and prejudice; child mental health; and research methodology. He is interested in the social and family determinants of child mental health, health inequalities, as well as in research on treatments and services for children and families.

    Please see his UCL page for more information.

  • Projects

  • Selected Publications

    Martin, P., Davies, R., Macdougall, A., Ritchie, B., Vostanis, P., Whale, A., & Wolpert, M. (2017). Developing a case mix classification for child and adolescent mental health services: the influence of presenting problems, complexity factors and service providers on number of appointments. Journal of Mental Health, 1-8. Read more

    McMunn, A.; Martin, P.; Kelly, Y. & Sacker, A. (2015) Fathers' Involvement: Correlates and Consequences for Child Socioemotional Behavior in the United Kingdom. Journal of Family Issues. Read more

    Wolpert, M.; Deighton, J.; De Francesco, D.; Martin, P.; Fonagy, P. & Ford, T. (2014) ‘From “reckless” to “mindful” in the use of outcome data to inform service-level performance management: perspectives from child mental health’. British Medical Journal: Quality and Safety 23 (4): 272-276.

    For a full list of publications, click here.

  • Training

    Introduction to Research Methods

    Introduction to Statistical Data Analysis with SPSS

    Multivariate Data Analysis for Research

  • Supervisor

    Current UCL PhD students

    Sally O'Keeffe (2015-). Drop-out in adolescent psychotherapy

    Antonella Cirasola (2017-). The role of Therapeutic Alliance in Psychological Therapies for adolescent depression

    Tom Poulton (2017 - ). Socio-economic inequalities in outcomes of bowel surgery

    Alistair Connell (2017 - ). The implementation of a digitally enabled care pathway for the recognition and management of acute kidney injury