Fiona Robinson, PhD student


The overall aim of my PhD is to take steps towards evaluating psychodynamic psychotherapy as an intervention regarding looked after and/or adopted children, potentially laying the groundwork for a future clinical trial. My first study explores the current nature of psychodynamic psychotherapy for UK looked after/adopted children, using an online survey of child psychotherapists. My second study will build on these findings through semi-structured interviews with child psychotherapists about aspects of this work. My third study is dependent on these findings, but could involve working with child psychotherapists to develop a manual of psychodynamic psychotherapy for foster carers or adoptive parents.

Start date:


PhD supervisors:

Dr. Nick Midgley and Dr. Patrick Luyten


Psychodynamic psychotherapy for looked after children in the UK


The PhD is funded by a UCL Impact PhD studentship, with joint funding provided by the Association of Child Psychotherapists