Sam Taylor-Colls, Senior Research Fellow

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    Sam is a senior research fellow at the Developmental Neuroscience Unit at the Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families. Her research is mainly in the area of early parent-infant attachment, with a specific focus on the quality of the parent-infant relationship and infants’ neural activity. Sam runs training courses in Reflective Functioning on the Parent Development Interview and NICHD Sensitivity Scales.

    Her research interests include parent-infant relationships, maternal mental health, infant socio-emotional development and early intervention evaluation.

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  • Selected Publications

    Taylor‐Colls, S., & Pasco Fearon, R. M. (2015). The Effects of Parental Behavior on Infants' Neural Processing of Emotion Expressions. Child development, 86(3), 877-888.

    Longhi, E., Murray, L., Hunter, R., Wellsted, D., Taylor-Colls, S., MacKenzie, K., et al. (2016). The NSPCC UK Minding the Baby®(MTB) home-visiting programme, supporting young mothers (aged 14–25) in the first 2 years of their baby's life: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial. Trials, 17(1), 486.

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