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IMPACT- My Experience (IMPACT-ME)

  • Summary

    IMPACT-ME aims to explore the process of overcoming severe depression as experienced by adolescents and their families receiving psychological therapies. We are including the perspectives of adolescents, families and therapists in order to gain a better understanding of the process of overcoming depression and what factors help or hinder recovery.

    All families taking part in the IMPACT trial in North London were invited to take part in the IMPACT-ME study. Qualitative, semi-structured interviews were carried out with young people and parents at three time points (for full details of the design of the study, see Midgley, Ansaldo & Target, 2014).

  • Project team


    Monument Trust

    Principal Investigator: 

    Nick Midgley and Mary Target 

    Research project team:

    Sally O'Keeffe, Danny Isaacs, Emily Stapley, Josh Holmes and Virge Eatough

  • Publications

    Midgley, N., Ansaldo, F., & Target, M. (2014). The meaningful assessment of therapy outcomes: Incorporating a qualitative study into a randomized controlled trial evaluating the treatment of adolescent depression. Psychotherapy51(1), 128–37.

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    Trilogy of short films co-produced with young people and parents:

    Facing Shadows: Behind the Scenes. (2015). Retrieved from

    Facing Shadows. (2015). Retrieved from

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