The development and piloting of a research advisory group of young people and parents/carers

  • Summary

    This project was set up as a collaboration between the Participation Team and ChAPTRe to ensure that the research conducted at the Centre is fully informed by the views of parents/carers and young people. Its aim is to establish a team who will have the opportunity to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to act as ‘expert advisers’ and, where appropriate, active participants in the development, design and delivery of research projects across the Centre.


  • Findings

    An initial research training (covering topics such as 'Why research is important’, ‘Key features of psychological research’, ‘Giving feedback on research projects’) was developed and delivered to a small group of young people and parents, who were then asked to offer support and input to a research panel on a given research project.

    As the overall feedback received was positive, the long term goal is to establish a larger research advisory group, who will be actively involved in the evaluation of service improvement and research and innovation projects across the Centre.

  • Project team


    AFNCCF innovation award.

    Project team: 

    ChAPTRe team: Nick Midgley, Rita Baiao, Antonella Cirasola, Chloe Austerberry

    Participation team: Helen Kay, Nick Morgan, Salma Khanche