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The Adolescent Story Stem Profile (ASSP)

  • Summary

    The Adolescent Story Stem Profile (ASSP) is an adaptation of the Story Stem Assessment Profile (SSAP) designed for use with older children and adolescents to explore attachment, peer relations and self-esteem. Unlike the SSAP, which uses toys and dolls to illustrate story stems, the ASSP uses videos to tell the beginning of a story, which the participants are then asked to reflect upon and respond to. Participants are asked to view 8 brief video vignettes of ambiguous social scenarios and are then asked to respond to a series of questions regarding the characters’ emotional and behavioural reactions to the events presented. Community data has been collected on over 250 young people (aged 13 to 18) whilst data has been simultaneously collected on adolescents in foster or residential care which included those from the research study: ‘Internal representations of children in care' and a further six clinical sites.   Findings from this study are currently been written up for publication, whilst the ASSP is being revised and will continue to be researched further.  Furthermore, further funding is being sought to develop the ASSP and provide an improved platform for it.

  • Project team


    Five Rivers Child Care and IPA

    Principal Investigator:

    Saul Hillman

    Senior Research Fellow:

    Saul Hillman


    Five Rivers Child Care and Bournemouth Borough Council 

    People involved

    Dr Saul Hillman (Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families)

    Richard Cross (Five Rivers Child Care)

    Rubina Payne (Bournemouth Borough Council)