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The Baobab Centre for Young Survivors in Exile

  • Summary

    The Baobab Centre for Young Survivors in Exile was set up to meet the psychological and developmental needs of child, adolescent and young adult asylum seekers and refugees. This group of young people have all experienced organized violence, loss and massive change.  For the last few years, Saul Hillman has worked as a consultant and help set up their evaluation strategy which has been used to help generate awareness and funding within the organisation.  The current ‘hybrid’ evaluation interview has been used with young people and incorporates both standardised questionnaires around affect regulation, anxiety, depression and resilience, and also more qualitative questions.  The ongoing evaluation of this group of young people has highlighted high levels of trauma, adversity and psychopathology, whilst the longitudinal phase has demonstrated some improvements on a number of domains.   Saul has also led on a new research project  which has used both individual and focus group interviews with unaccompanied minors and asked them about their experiences of the asylum interview process, both with Immigration officers and Social workers. The research is ongoing and plans are afoot to carry out further sets of focus group interviews with both immigration officers and social workers.  The findings will be analysed and published at a later date.

  • Project team