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Gateshead national event Ecorys.jpg

Our second National Learning Event was held at The Sage, Gateshead on 5 December 2018 and was attended by LA and CCG leads, mental health professionals and schools and colleges from across the North East. Download the presentations by clicking the links below. 

Anna Freud presentation: An overview of the programme covering the aims, key stakeholders and statistics.

Ecorys presentation: The external evaluators of the programme, Ecorys, presented their findings detailing the research methods used and the key questions that were assessed. 

Durham and Darlington presentation: Highlights five concerns and five positive results of the workshops, focusing learning into future plans for change. Also usefully explains the SBARD model to aid CAMHS referrals.

North Tyneside presentation: Identifies outcomes and feedback from the workshops; examples of successful initiatives, such as the ‘key to happiness’ wheel; and features a video from CYP in the area sharing their views.