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The CASCADE Framework

The CASCADE framework was developed by Professor Miranda Wolpert to assess levels of interagency working in relation to supporting children and young people (CYP). It is intended to help partners find ways of working together more effectively to better support CYP’s mental health.

CASCADE framework.jpg

The CASCADE framework is used as part of the Mental Health Services and Schools and Colleges Link Programme (MHSSCLP). It comprises seven key domains of interagency working on which respondents are asked to rate their current levels of working: 

  • Clarity on remit, roles and responsibilities of partner organisations
  • Agreed best use of key points of contact in schools and CAMHS
  • Structures to support shared planning and collaborative working
  • Common approach to outcome measures for children and young people
  • Ability to continue to learn and draw on best practice
  • Development of integrated working to promote rapid and better access to support
  • Evidence based approach to intervention 

Download the CASCADE framework and guidance on how to use it.