Evaluation reports

In 2015/16 we successfully piloted the Mental Health Services and Schools Link programme in 255 schools across 27 CCGS. We delivered the workshops to 570 education and 340 mental health professionals across England. 

The pilot was independently evaluated by Ecorys and was shown to led to widespread improvements in joint working between schools and CYPMHS, despite a varied local baseline.  Key elements included: 

Cambs workshop.jpg
  • strategic leadership from health and education
  • single points of contact / access
  • clearly defined protocols and pathways to specialist support
  • making best use of existing resources (local networks) 

There were quantifiable improvements in the:

  • frequency of contact between pilot schools and NHS CYPMHS
  • quality of joint working relationships
  • knowledge and awareness of mental health issues among school leads

Read Ecorys’s full evaluation report

You can also read our report on the pilot. 

The evaluation of the current phase of the programme is being conducted by Ecorys. The full report will be available here in April 2019. This will also contain evidence from a concurrent study following-up schools involved in the pilot phase of the evaluation to assess sustainability, scalability and learnings over the longer-term.