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5 Core Principles

The 5 Core principles provide a scaffold to co-develop and co-deliver a programme that is effective, evidence based, safe, offers reassurance to all involved and is meaningful to theĀ children and young people in your setting to help them develop, learn and aspire.

Aligning your programme to the 5 Core Principles will help to ensure that your programme is safe, manageable, effective and sustainable. It is therefore essential that you define from the start the objectives of your peer support programme. Peer mentors should not be supporting a CYP with considerable and/or complex needs. The role of a peer support programme is not to be an alternative to specialist support, and the training of peer mentors is not to develop a team of volunteer counsellors or therapists.

These 5 Core Principles were developed in consultation with children and young people, facilitated by YoungMinds.

Download the 5 Core Principles in Practice worksheet here.

Download the 5 Core Principles posterĀ here.