Ecorys UK

The Department for Education has commissioned Ecorys UK to undertake an independent evaluation of the Peer Support Programme.

The evaluation has three main aims:

  1. to understand how schools go about delivering peer support to support children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing in order to produce a range of replicable models for different contexts
  2. to provide sufficient detail and quality so schools, colleges and youth groups can readily access and adopt these models with some confidence that programmes may work in their setting; and,
  3. to deliver research findings in a manner that is accessible to schools, colleges and youth organisations.

Ecorys UK will work with pilot organisations throughout the programme, to gather the evidence needed to assess the effectiveness and outcomes from peer support. This role will include ongoing support for self-evaluation, to help you get the most out of your data. The evaluation will run until May 2019, with a final report to the Department for Education.

Important information - Your Evaluation Workspace

All schools and colleges have been sent a link to an Evaluation Workspace – a secure web page providing the tools and guidance that you will need to participate in the evaluation, including your unique ID codes for the surveys.

If you would like to request a reminder of link to your Evaluation Workspace, please contact the evaluators at the ‘contact’ email address below.


All queries relating to the Evaluation should be directed to: peersupportevaluation@ecorys.com.

*** Evaluation update – autumn term 2018 ***

Findings from wave 1

Many thanks again to all schools and colleges who took part in the surveys and interviews during wave 1, and we hope the dashboard has been a useful source of data. The survey remains open for CYPCOs to participate over the coming weeks.

We have now analysed the results from participating organisations, and prepared a short summary of emerging findings 

Wave 2 evaluation

The evaluation will involve the following activities during the autumn term:

  1. Pupil surveys – we are aiming to survey any new starters in schools and colleges this term, including both mentors and mentees. The process is the same as for the summer term, and we will send a separate email with instructions shortly. It is important that pupils complete the baseline before starting peer support.
  1. Participatory tools – we will continue to make the peer support diaries and visual tools available to schools during this term, and to collect any examples of feedback or self-evaluation that you are able to share. This is an important way for pupils to have a voice, so please do make use of these if you can.
  1. Case study visits - a smaller number of schools have been approached to host a visit, where a member of the evaluation team will arrange a time to speak with pupils and staff. We have had a good take-up so far, and will open this to more schools during the coming term.

Support and feedback

For any support or queries relating to the evaluation, please continue to use the evaluation help email address. We have also updated the FAQ sheet