Ecorys UK

The Department for Education has commissioned Ecorys UK to undertake an independent evaluation of the Peer Support Programme.

The programme has been externally evaluated by Ecorys - reporting both quantitatively and qualitatively on the impact the project has had on young people’s emotional and educational outcomes.

The evaluation had three main aims:

  • to understand how schools, go about delivering peer support to support children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing in order to produce a range of replicable models for different contexts
  • to provide sufficient detail and quality so schools, colleges and youth groups can readily access and adopt these models with some confidence that programmes may work in their setting; and,
  • to deliver research findings in a manner that is accessible to schools, colleges and youth organisations.

Findings from wave 1

Many thanks again to all schools and colleges who took part in the surveys and interviews during wave 1.

Wave 2 evaluation

The evaluation involved the following activities:

  1. Pupil surveys - including both mentors and mentees. 
  1. Participatory tools – to collect any examples of feedback or self-evaluation including peer support diaries and visual tools 
  1. Case study visits - a small number of schools were approached to host a visit, where a member of the evaluation team spoke with pupils and staff. 

 The full evidence and impact report will be released in October 2019.