Wellbeing Measurement for Schools

To help schools better understand how their pupils and their staff are feeling, our partners at CORC and EBPU have developed a paid-for programme - Wellbeing Measurement for Schools – which includes age-appropriate surveys for children from Year 4 to Year 11 in mainstream primary and secondary schools, as well as a survey for staff in mainstream schools, colleges, special schools and PRUs.

The programme enables schools to plan effectively for prevention and help, and the Wellbeing Measurement Report compares pupils in your school with those in schools around the country.

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Measuring pupil wellbeing:

Our online Pupil Survey consists of a set of validated measures assessing your chosen Year Group’s:

  • Mental health and wellbeing (emotional difficulties, behavioural difficulties)
  • Emotional strengths and skills (life satisfaction, empathy, self-esteem, problem solving, goal setting, participation in home and school, participation in community)
  • Support networks (peer support, school support, family support, wider support).

Your final pupil report analyses the data from your Year Group(s) and compares it with data from other schools. The report provides a useful starting point for discussions about the wellbeing and experiences of pupils in your school.

The pupil survey costs £300 + VAT per year group regardless of size or school setting, including the Wellbeing Measurement Report.

Measuring staff wellbeing:

The online staff survey uses validated tools and asks questions about the ability and capacity of staff to support the children and young people in your school and explores aspects of school culture which may be affecting staff wellbeing. Schools can review the responses and compare it with data from other schools in the final anonymised survey report, which schools can share with staff and governors.

The Staff Survey costs £300 for primary schools, £400 for secondary schools and £400 for all-through schools. There is no limit to the number of staff who can be included in the survey. The Staff Survey can be completed alongside the Pupil Survey or on its own.

Both, your Staff and Pupil Report can help your school in:

  • Considering areas of strength and/or helping pupils reflect on their positive qualities
  • Informing decisions about support for staff and pupils
  • Identifying areas of priority for staff training
  • Indicating progress against targets in your School Improvement Plan or identifying future target area
  • Understanding context when considering academic data for the year group(s)

Wellbeing Measurement for Schools is also used across Trailblazer Areas, local authorities, councils and school networks around the UK, who want to see how they can support and improve the emotional wellbeing and mental health needs of children and young people within their local area or network. If you’re interested in using it across a group of schools, then contact us at measuringwellbeing@annafreud.org to discuss your requirements. 

To find out more, visit CORC for Schools.

You can register online here.