Mentally Healthy Schools

Mentally Healthy Schools is a free & easy to use website where schools can find a range of expert and practical information and resources to help all staff understand, promote and deal confidently with children’s mental health issues.

It includes jargon-free information on what can undermine and what can help emotional wellbeing; tips and strategies to help; and specific advice on vulnerable groups.

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The site is divided into four key sections:

  • Teaching resources: focuses on schools' abilities to promote and build your pupils' good mental health with a range of quality-assured teaching resources.
  • Risks and protective factors: explores how schools can identify which children might face greater risks, and shares resources to help protect them and build their resilience.
  • Mental health needs: focuses on children who are struggling or are mentally unwell. It helps schools understand your role and how you can help promote your pupils' recovery.  
  • Whole-school approach: helps school leaders develop the wider support across the school to help children, families and staff thrive.

Mentally Healthy Schools is a legacy project of the Heads Together Mental Health campaign.