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My Story and Me: a storytelling intervention for young women and girl

We are asking young women and girls who are 12–24 years old to help us create videos for My Story and Me by recording their answers to the questions ‘Who am I? What is my mental health story? How would I like to be supported?

In total, the video will be around five minutes long and may involve some preparation beforehand via email and/or phone call. Those taking part should be based in the UK.

You will receive a £20 voucher as a thank you for your time, which you will receive by email. 

Those who are 16–24 can choose either the video or audio recording option. Those who are 12–15 can only choose the audio recording option. Please read the options below carefully.

We use the terms ‘girl’ and ‘young woman’ inclusively. If you are gender diverse and feel this topic is relevant to you, and you want to take part in this study, we welcome your views. We will respect your gender identity.

I want to take part! What do I do next?

  1. Complete a short form (at the link below) to express your interest and we will follow up with you: (this will take 5 minutes).

  2. Sign a consent form to tell us that you are happy to take part (this will take 10–15 minutes.) *If you are 12-15 years old, your parent or carer will also need to sign a consent form.

  3. Create the recording  about ‘Who am I? What is my mental health story? How would I like to be supported?’ (this will take 30 minutes, including preparation time).

  4. Check the final videos. Make sure you are happy with the video (this will take 10 minutes).

If you have any questions about the project, your rights in the project, or how we are using information, please contact us on 020 7794 2313 or email