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  • A constant for parents and toddlers in temporary accommodation

    The Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families has been shortlisted in the 2017 London Homelessness Awards for our work with people affected by homelessness. We know that issue...

  • Natasha W reports on #GoodOutcomesCYMH

    "This is how it should be. How can we encourage youth participation in child mental health if the academics underpinning the matter is inaccessible to those who wish to participate?" - Y...

  • AFNCCF shortlisted for Homelessness Award

    The Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families provides a multifaceted approach to supporting families in temporary accommodation to care for the psychological needs of their c...

  • 20,000 Schools Invited to Start #TalkingMentalHealth

    We know that schools are on the frontline when it comes to children’s mental health. School leaders and teaching staff work hard each day to support the mental health and wellbeing of th...

  • Historic visit honours Dann sisters and the Bulldogs Bank children

    Last week we were honoured to be paid a visit by Shula Levital, niece of the sisters Gertrud and Sophie Dann who worked closely with Anna Freud during and after the second world war and ...

  • Family School welcomes Dean Stott and Nadia Shah

    It was a very busy week at the Family School with the visit of two VIPs.  

  • Building Live: Bonding with your Baby

    To accompany our most recent Child in Mind Podcast Bonding With Your Baby, Tessa Baradon examines how parents can create the kind of bonds that best nurture a baby’s development.  

  • Adoptive Families: Anna Freud National Centre launches new group intervention support

    Are you an adoptive family? Are you struggling to meet your children’s needs? Do you feel like you have run out of resources? We are here to help.  

  • Celebrating our Champions this Volunteers’ Week

    Today marks the start of Volunteers’ Week, an annual event during which we celebrate the difference that our volunteers make to the Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families’ ...