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Dean Stott is on mission: to break the world record for cycling through the Americas. And he’s doing it to raise money for mental health.

As a soldier with the UK Special Forces unit, he pushed himself to the limit executing the most harrowing of missions.  But he describes the 14,000 mile trip, as ‘the biggest challenge of my life’

Dean aims to raise over £1 million for the Heads Together Campaign, with 10% going to the Anna Freud National Centre for Children & Families.

He said:“Physically it’s going to be hard. Psychologically, it’s probably going to be harder. With close friends in the military suffering from PTSD, I was keen to focus on mental health.

Dean Stott 2.jpg

“I'm aware that mental health is an area that affects all walks of life and not just military personnel and so I wanted to raise that awareness and lift the stigma that accompanies it."

HRH Prince Harry, co-founder of Heads Together and ex-colleague of Stott, said

“I want to thank Stotty for making Heads Together the nominated charity for this challenge.

“He knows how important it is to me that we make sure anyone who is struggling feels able to talk openly about it, and gets the support that he or she needs.”

To keep up to date with Dean’s incredible challenge or to donate, please visit his website, giving page and Twitter @PAH_2018. We wish you the best of luck, Dean!