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Festival fundraiser: 18-year old raises £500 for Anna Freud National Centre

I wonder how many of us marked our 18th birthday so memorably and generously? Earlier this month Jed Bevington celebrated by organising JJ-FEST, a weekend festival held in a friend’s back-garden in Saffron Walden.

Jed ticketed the event and donated £500 to us. Speaking of what motivated his donation, Jed said:

“I decided to raise money for the Anna Freud Centre for Children and Families because I think mental health problems are not treated as seriously as physical problems. It deserves way more funding and having been through some problems myself, I know how much places such as the Centre can help you.”

20 bands and DJs performed over the weekend, and revellers were able to enjoy food from event caterer The Lick Caribbean and decorate themselves in henna tattoos courtesy of artist Urwa Mogul. As well as being keen to promote mental health awareness, Jed is passionate about music and is part of band Mortal Tides along with his older brother.

A fellow festival-goer, Thomas O’Brien, took a bird’s eye view of the event, creating a video from drone footage with Mortal Tides featured on the soundtrack. Watch it here. Thank you to Jed for supporting us!

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