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Keeping busy during lockdown

One of our Young Champions shares tips that have helped her in lockdown.  

The word ‘lockdown’ may be very daunting, but essentially it’s just staying at home. But I also realise that, for lots of people, social interaction is a way of coping. So this period of lockdown is difficult.

For me personally, I want a sociable environment because it can help me to distract myself from feeling low. Before the lockdown, I was very anxious about it. I knew that, in the past, being alone allowed my thoughts to spiral out of control and I ended up struggling quite a bit. I was determined not to let myself get into that mindset during the lockdown period. So far, I’m pleased to say that I have been surprisingly alright.

These are some tips that have helped me during lockdown:

  • Make a list: Write down the things you are going to do that day, and try to stick to them throughout the day. It’s nice to have a plan, and this gives me a sense of purpose for the day. If you don’t end up completing that list, don’t worry – you will have a lot of time to complete it! The list is only there to set your day out, it’s not there to be fully met all the time.
  • Have a sleep schedule: Sporadic sleeping patterns messed with my head, so getting enough sleep is key. Try not to go to bed too late or wake up too late.
  • Find new hobbies: I have decided to paint, play piano and bake. There are so many new hobbies you can discover. It can even be as simple as singing.
  • Go outside: Make sure you get enough fresh air, such as by spending 20 minutes in your garden. If you don’t have a garden, even just a stroll around the block can make a huge difference.
  • Keep in touch: Even if you can’t physically be with your loved ones, you can still contact them. It’s important to support others around you, and to also receive support yourself. Just a quick phone call with family or close friends can improve your mental wellbeing. I have been using different apps to connect.
  • Take time to relax: Downtime is also important. I have invested in watching a few series, which is a nice way to pass the time! I have really been enjoying ‘Money Heist‘ and ‘Glee’. Or how about watching some of the must-see movies?

I hope these tips are as helpful to you as they have been for me. I do feel optimistic that we will get through this eventually. Try not to worry too much. Hopefully I have given you some ideas for how to look after yourself and keep busy!

If you are a young person and looking for mental health support at this time you can visit our website for advice and resources.