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New guidance for commissioners cites the Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families' Youth Wellbeing Directory

New NHS England guidance for commissioners cites the Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families' Youth Well-being Directory.

The guidance focuses on making funding decisions about services for adolescents transitioning between child and adult mental health services. And the Youth Wellbeing Directory was highlighted as an example of applied quality standards for CAMHS, particularly in relation to clear reporting processes and standards .

The website is a free online directory for all those who aim to improve the emotional wellbeing and/or mental health of children and young people up to the age of 25 directly; or by supporting their families and caregivers.

The website offers:

  • A directory of service providers for those looking to find help or for those looking to fund services
  • A tool to compare service providers with each other against ACE-V Quality Standards
  • Information and guidance on standards of practice and the commissioning process
  • A networking space for service providers and commissioners
  • A chance for service providers to put themselves on the map to increase their recognition
  • An opportunity for service providers to commit to and self-assess against high standards of practice to increase their chances of securing funding

The Youth Wellbeing Directory asks all service providers who register to show how they live up to the national standards of quality provision in relation to youth wellbeing. And the Directory's ACE-V Quality Standards were highlighted in the NHS England guidance.

The ACE-V Quality Standards ask service providers to show evidence of:

  • Accountability and responsible practicing (commitment to offer quality services and review impact on all those you seek to help)
  • Compliance with safe practicing (commitment to safe practice, clear confidentiality policies and supervision procedures)
  • Empowerment of children, young people and their families (commitment to collaborative practice with service users)
  • Value (commitment to offer high value services and chance to highlight unique features)

By signing up to the Youth Wellbeing Directory and ACE-V Quality Standards, service providers are showing their commitment to the highest standards of practice.

Find out more about the Youth Wellbeing Directory.