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PhD Opportunities

5 Marie-Curie-funded PhD positions at the Centre for Brain and Cognitive Development, Birkbeck College

Recent opportunities have become available for promising finishing undergraduate-  or masters-level students who are looking for a PhD position in developmental cognitive neuroscience. The Centre for Brain and Cognitive Development has 5 PhD positions funded under the new INTERLEARN (Individualized Interventions in Learning) project. This is a 'European Industrial Doctorate' program funded by the European Commission, in collaboration with partners Procter and Gamble, Math Garden, Research in Dyslexia/Institute for Dyslexia, and the Romanian Institute for Science and Technology. 


The fellowships come with an extremely generous stipend, research funds, many opportunities for international collaboration, and a strong training component in developmental cognitive neuroscience. 


Information on the fellowships and the overall program can be accessed here.