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The Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families' Anthony Bateman highly praised on BBC Radio 4

Professor Anthony Bateman, Coordinator for Mentalization-Based Treatments at the Centre, has been highly praised on BBC Radio 4’s 'All in the Mind' by one of his patients for repeatedly saving her life.

Marion Janner, founder of mental health organisation Star Wards, told the show’s host Claudia Hammond that Anthony had offered her unwavering support for years, helping Marion to manage her often suicidal behaviour.

Marion is one of the judges for the All in the Mind 25th Birthday Awards. She said if she were allowed to nominate someone Anthony would definitely get her vote.

“There is someone who has been absolutely at the forefront of, well partly the responsibility or, I would say, burden of keeping me alive and functioning and that is my really rather extraordinary psychiatrist-therapist Anthony Bateman.”

“My relationship with him and the sorts of conversations we have are very intense and very emotional and often very cathartic but actually he is normal and funny and human….Life-saving interactions [with Anthony] happened pretty much weekly, certainly for the first seven years, but Anthony just stuck by me throughout.”