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We're moving in to our new home


We are now in the process of moving into our new Anna Freud Centre, for children and young people’s mental health.

This is the culmination of years of fundraising, project managing, dreaming what we want to achieve, and of course, construction and preparing the building, and ourselves, for our move.

This new building, the Anna Freud Centre, represents an exciting new era for us. It will bring together the best in research, policy and practice under one roof. It will be a space where leaders in neuroscience, mental health, practice, social care and education work together with children and young people to improve understanding and practice. The Centre will provide training for professionals of today and postgraduate teaching for the leaders of tomorrow. At the heart of our centre will be the Pears Family School, a school for children who have been excluded.

The Anna Freud Centre will be a creative, inclusive and collaborative space created with staff, students, children and young people and their families as well as experts involved in research, practice, training and learning to encourage them to work together to help transform mental health for children, young people and their families.

Our move has been prompted by two issues. The first is that we want to work more closely with colleagues and partners so that we can collaborate and learn from each other. The second is that in the last 15 years we have expanded as the demand for mental health support for children and young people has grown. We are working with thousands of schools and run hundreds of training courses every year. Our practice and research programme is growing. We are reaching out to more professionals and communities working with children and young people, students, schools and colleges, children and young people and their families than ever before.

Our move means that we can meet the challenge of child and family mental health confident that we are doing everything we can to research, discover, learn from others and share what we know with the public. It’s the start of a new era for the Anna Freud Centre.