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Participation at Anna Freud

Our Participation Strategy is our commitment to listen to and learn from the voices of children, young people, parents and carers in all aspects of our work. 

Our participation strategy has children and young people at its heart. It explains how our work is strengthened by adopting the Lundy model of participation. This rights-based approach creates a framework for us to hear, listen to and act upon the voices of those we work with. 

By strengthening opportunities for children, young people and families to have a voice, and influence what we do, we’ll increase our knowledge and understanding, achieve scientific breakthroughs and continue to be at the forefront of innovation. 

Get in touch and learn more by accessing the resources below. 


Participation Strategy

Our strategy presents our vision for participation at Anna Freud. It includes how we define participation and how we work with people with lived experiences to improve policies and practice.  


Participation in practice

Read an example of participation best practice: D-CYPHR Ambassadors Programme.

Lundy and me

A short film, made with young people, about how it feels to have their voices heard and acted upon when they first access services, bringing the Lundy Model to life. 

Participation blogs

  • In our latest blog, about Participation at Anna Freud, Participation Programme Assistant Maddi shares her recent participation experience. 

  • Head of Participation, Bez Martin share’s her vision for the future of participation at Anna Freud.

You can learn more about the work we do with our Parent, Carer and Young Champions here.