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D-CYPHR is a nationwide research movement to unlock the power of our DNA. D-CYPHR will play a key role in pioneering new treatments and creating better care for children and young people.

D-CYPHR (the DNA, Children + Young People’s Health Resource) is a nationwide research movement investigating the links between genes, the environment, health and disease. Created by the NIHR Bio Resource together with the NHS, it will enable scientific discoveries as well as facilitate advances in medicine for the benefit of children, young people and their families.

D-CYPHR and mental health

To date most health research is carried out with adults. This ground-breaking new programme is open to any child and young person aged 0 to 15 in the UK, to create the biggest health initiative of its kind in this country and a world first – a new national childhood DNA health resource for research from birth through adolescence.

D-CYPHR will play a key role in pioneering new treatments and creating better care for children, young people and the adults they will become – everything from improving understanding of mental health to combatting heart disease. With mental health issues becoming increasingly common in children and young people, this new programme aims to help combat some of the major issues around this, including getting faster diagnosis of conditions and more personalised treatment.

"While we now know that genetics do influence mental health and wellbeing, there is a lot we are yet to understand about this connection and how our genes may make us vulnerable to certain aspects of our environment. D-CYPHR is a unique and powerful resource to illuminate these connections. “D-CYPHR will not only enable scientific discoveries and facilitate advances in medicine which improve diagnosis and treatment of mental ill-health, it will underpin the development strategies for protecting vulnerable children and preventing mental disorder occurring through effective early intervention." Peter Fonagy, Chief Executive at Anna Freud

Working with schools

As a partner in D-CYPHR, Anna Freud will be engaging schools in the movement. D-CYPHR seeks to involve children and young people from all backgrounds and not only those with existing health issues. By working with schools we aim to reach the broadest population. Through schools we will share information with children and families and generate excitement and engagement in the programme, interested families register directly with D-CYPHR, not through their school. Currently, we are working with a Multi Academy Trust, United Learning, to engage their schools, children and families in the movement.  

You can find out more about D-CYPHR on their website.