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COMPLETED: Making mental health more inclusive

Mental health problems in young people are on the rise: 1/6 have a probable mental health problem in England. Research is a way of hearing people’s voices to inform how we support young people’s mental health.Young people from minoritised ethnic groups are less likely to be included in research studies that inform how we can best support young people’s mental health.The aim of this project is to understand the views of young people from minoritised ethnic groups about how to make mental health research more inclusive. If we are not hearing the voices of young people from minoritised ethnic groups in research, mental health support is not going to be based on what’s important to them.People aged 16-25 who self-identify as being from a minoritised ethnic group in the UK with lived experience of discrimination are able to take part.

What’s involved?

Taking part in a remote group discussion on Microsoft Teams lasting between an hour and a half to two hours.The discussion will be on making mental health research more inclusive of young people from minoritised ethnic groupsThere will be a £15 Amazon voucher reimbursement for your participation!If you decide to withdraw at any point from the study, this will not forfeit your Amazon voucher.After reading more about what is involved and agreeing to take part, we will contact you to arrange a time to speak.

Who are we?

This research is insured by University College London and funded by Emerging Minds. The research is being carried out by researchers at the Evidence Based Practice Unit, based at University College London. This research has been reviewed and approved by University College London Research Ethics Committee (ref.: 14037/007). Click to read the Privacy notice for this research

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