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Nurturing change (VIPP Foster Care Study)

f you are looking for the Nurturing Change service, offering the Video-feedback Intervention to promote Positive Parenting and Sensitive Discipline (VIPP-SD) intervention, please visit the Nurturing Change page. The Nurturing Change study, which was completed in 2020, aimed to develop a new treatment for children in foster care with attachment difficulties – VIPP. There were two phases. The first phase involved working with a small group of foster carers and children, delivering this new intervention and refining it so that it meets the needs of children in foster care with attachment difficulties. The second phase was a small randomised clinical trial where participants were randomly assigned to one of two arms: a treatment arm (VIPP), or a control arm (treatment as usual). VIPP was a multi-site collaboration between UCL, partner universities, five NHS trusts and linked local authorities commissioning services for children in care. We evaluated the effectiveness of VIPP by assessing a range of carer and child outcomes, including the presence of disordered attachment, attachment security and carer sensitivity. Read a summary of the resultsFind out more about ChAPTRe