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World Awareness for Children in Trauma

World Awareness for Children in Trauma (WACIT) was designed to maximise impact through collaborations with academic centres and NGOs in disaster zones, training programmes, and partnerships with leading international bodies. WACIT comprises an active and expanding network of interlinked research, training and capability building. For example:

  • Child mental health trailblazer (2015): Visits, training events and organisational meetings in Turkey, India, Kenya and Rwanda led to the establishment of partnerships.

  • Training and networking events (2015–2016): Centres were identified according to defined criteria. Training and network-building events were held in Turkey, Brazil, Pakistan, and Kenya. 

  • Six continents in six weeks (2016): The aim was to link participating centres and to apply the WACIT model in different sociocultural contexts. Seminars were complemented by arts and sports events with children in the targeted areas.