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  • Mental health difficulties, attainment and attendance: a cross-sectional study

    The aim of this study was to investigate the association between educational attainment, absenteeism and mental health difficulties while controlling for various child characteristics such as special educational needs and socioeconomic background. Authors: Lereya, S.T., Patel, M., dos Santos, J.P.G.A., and Deighton, J. (2019).

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  • An approach to linking education, social care and electronic health records for children and young people in South London: a linkage study of child and adolescent mental health service data

    Creation of linked mental health, social and education records for research to support evidence-based practice for regional mental health services. Authors: Downs, J. M., Ford, T., Stewart, R., Epstein, S., Shetty, H., Little, R., Jewell, A., Broadbent, M., Deighton, J., Mostafa, Gilbert, T., Hotopf, M., and Hayes, R. (2019).

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  • Structure and connectivity of depressive symptom networks corresponding to early treatment response

    There are suggestions that denser network connectivity (i.e., the strength of associations between individual symptoms) may be a prognostic indicator of poor treatment response in depression. We sought to examine this aspect of depressive symptom networks in the context of early responses to treatment in adolescents. Authors: Patalay, P., McElroy, E., Wolpert, M., Napoleone, E. (2019).

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  • The Reflective Fostering Programme: background and development of a new approach

    This article sets out the rationale for the Reflective Fostering Programme (RFP), outlines its key elements and concludes by indicating future service implementation and a planned feasibility study examining this approach. Authors: Redfern, S., Wood, S., Lassri, D., Cirasola, A., West, G., Austerberry, C., Luyten, P., Fonagy, P., Midgley, N. (2018).

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  • An overview of developmental behavioral genetics

    In this chapter, we present an overview of the field of developmental behavioural genetics, which serves as important context for understanding the field of behavioral epigenetics. Authors: Austerberry, C., Fearon, P. (2020).

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  • The therapeutic alliance in psychotherapy for adolescent depression: differences between treatment types and change over time

    This study investigated whether the mean strength of the alliance, as well as its trajectory over time, differed between three equally effective psychological treatments for adolescent depression. Authors: Cirasola, A., Midgley, N., Fonagy, P., IMPACT Consortium, & Martin, P. (2022).

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  • Children in foster care with symptoms of reactive attachment disorder: feasibility randomised controlled trial of a modified video-feedback parenting intervention

    The study aimed to modify an existing parenting intervention for children with reactive attachment disorder (RAD) in the UK foster care setting, and test the feasibility of conducting a randomised controlled trial (RCT) of the modified intervention. Authors: Oliveira, P., et al. (2022).

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  • A scoping review of the factors that influence families’ ability or capacity to provide young people with emotional support over the transition to adulthood

    A scoping review was conducted to identify the factors that influence families’ ability or capacity to provide young people with emotional support during the transition to adulthood, and to understand the gaps in this research area. Authors: Stapley, E., Vainieri, I., Li, E., Merrick, H., Jeffery, M., Foreman, S., Cortina, M. et al. (2021).

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  • Development and validation of a self-report measure of epistemic trust

    This paper describes the development and validation of a new self-report questionnaire, the Epistemic Trust, Mistrust and Credulity Questionnaire (ETMCQ). Authors: Campbell, C., Tanzer, M., Saunders, R., Allison, E., Li, E. & Fonagy, P. et al. (2021).

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