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  • Studying the process of psychoanalytic parent-infant psychotherapy: embodied and discursive aspects

    This paper presents findings from an intensive, mixed methods case study of one session of psychoanalytic parent–infant psychotherapy addressing early relational trauma, and aims to shed light on the multimodal interactive processes that take place in the moment-to-moment exchanges comprising the therapeutic encounter. Authors: Avdi, E., Amiran, K., Sleed, M., & Baradon, T. (2020).

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  • Evaluation of birth companions perinatal and peer support provision in two prison settings in England: a mixed-methods study

    This paper reports on insights from an evaluation of Birth Companions (BC) (a UK-based charity) perinatal support in two prison settings in England. The initiative involved the provision of group and/or one-to-one perinatal support and training women prisoners as peer supporters. Authors: Mortimer, R., Thomson, G., Baybutt, M., Whittaker, K. (2022).

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