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  • Youth and professional perspectives of mental health resources across eight countries

    Youth mental health support and services vary across sociocultural contexts. It is important to capture the perspectives of youth with lived experiences for planning needs-led interventions and services, especially in Global South countries, with limited specialist resources and representative literature. The aim was to establish how youth with lived experiences of anxiety and depression viewed external support in different countries, and how these views were juxtaposed with those of professionals. Authors: Vostanis, P., Ruby, F., Jacob, J., Eruyar, Ş., Mironga Getanda, E., Haffejee, S., Krishna. M. & Edbrooke-Childs, J. (2022).

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  • Predictors of amounts of child and adolescent mental health service use

    The aim of this study was to build evidence about how to tailor services to meet the individual needs of young people by identifying predictors of amounts of child and adolescent mental health service use. We conducted a secondary analysis of a large administrative dataset from services in England was conducted using the Mental Health Services Data Set. The final sample included episodes of care from 39 services. Authors: Edbrooke-Childs, J., Rashid, A., Ritchie, B. & Deighton, J. (2022).

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