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Practitioner wellbeing in the early years

Early years work can be joyous and fulfilling, but it can also be demanding. This workbook aims to provide practical tips for early years practitioners and leaders to support wellbeing.

Early intervention and prevention is encouraged within public health and social care, which starts in the early years. By supporting families from conception through the child’s first years of life can stop poor health outcomes before they develop. These early years are crucial as is the early years workforce who need to be supported to provide the best care for the babies, children and families they work with.

Practitioner Wellbeing in the Early Years 2024

Practitioner wellbeing in the early years

The ecological model used in this guide can inform policy frameworks like the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework and the Family Hubs and Best Start for Life Programme.

How to use this guide

This guide frames the social and environmental factors that influence wellbeing, using an ecological model: recognising how everything from individual actions, to interpersonal relationships, to public policy can impact health and wellbeing.

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