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Family trauma

The Family Trauma department is one of Anna Freud's key clinical divisions.

Who we are

The Family Trauma Department comprises a multi-disciplinary team of mental health professionals, some with a background in social care and others in a CAMHS setting. Our specialist team undertakes assessments of whole families where children are on the edge of care and in care proceedings and makes recommendations about care, contact, therapy and support needs. Packages of therapy can be commissioned for children, young people and their parents, carers and whole families following family trauma including abuse (physical, emotional, sexual, domestic abuse or homicide), neglect, traumatic loss or separation. The team also undertakes assessment and therapeutic work with children living in families with high levels of conflict between parents and families with adopted children (see below for details). In addition, there are several projects sitting within the Family Trauma department which work with whole systems, e.g. social care and CAMHS.  

Please feel free to download a copy of the team's CV.

Other services available in the Family Trauma Department.

  • Training to individuals and teams.

  • Packages of individual and family therapy following care proceedings, while children are in the care of the local authority and with families affected by trauma but where safety has been established.

  • Consultation with networks and organisations working with family trauma.

  • Supervision of teams and organisations working with family trauma.

Family trauma department

We undertake assessments of whole families where children are on the edge of care or in care proceedings and make recommendations about care, contact and therapy and support needs. Whole family assessments pre- or during care proceeding...

  • Family trauma court work

    Our specialist multi-disciplinary team undertakes assessments of whole families where children are on the edge of care or in care-proceedings and makes recommendations about care, contac...

  • Parents in conflict

    Parents and carers can occasionally argue but too much conflict can be unhealthy.

  • Reflective parenting

    This service offers an intervention for parents experiencing difficulties in their relationships with their children.

  • Reflective programmes

    The Reflective Programmes ensure that the views of children and young people are placed at the centre of their care.

  • Special guardianship and adoption

    This specialist team works with families to complete multi-disciplinary assessments that focus on attachment and trauma.