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Our clinical services

We offer a number of bespoke clinical services to meet specific needs.

At Anna Freud, we are renowned for our creative thinking, problem-solving and innovation, improving outcomes for children and families, and providing the potential for sustainable change.

Integrated Care System consultancy support

As we welcome the changes to the new Integrated Care Systems (ICS), we recognise that there are multiple demands on the system's leaders. The system's focus on improving connectedness to deliver improved outcomes for children and young people is especially welcome.

Following requests for help from senior leaders in local authority and in health, Anna Freud has developed a facilitation approach that brings partnership leaders together. This is focused on discovering what is needed for local children and families, to improve mental health support.

Download and share our Integrated Care System Consultancy flyer.

Clinical facilitation and transformation support

As the pressure and demand on children’s services continues to increase, many of us are reviewing our partnership priorities, considering where we invest precious resources best to help and support children, young people and families. Some areas have contacted us asking for help to facilitate partnership discussions or reviews about how best to support children’s mental health and how to transform the emotional health support co-designed with the local children, families and all partner agencies. Other areas are re-considering their early help and preventative services in the community, to reach children and families with the help they need sooner, and make the best use of finite resources, by sharing capacity, investment and team efforts. Sometimes it’s a combination of the two.

Consultancy for family hubs and early years services

In light of our role hosting the National Centre for Family Hubs, we also have a specific offer to support in Family Hub and wider Early Years and Prevention transformation, design and development.