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Accountability, Outcomes, Monitoring and Data

Collecting data about outcomes is an important way to demonstrate the effectiveness of services and interventions and can flag up areas for improvement.

Accountability, Outcomes, Monitoring and Data

Accountability, Outcomes, Monitoring and Data

The following resources have been collated by the CYP MH Workforce Development Team to help with accountability, outcomes, monitoring and data training. 

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The Child Outcomes Research Consortium (CORC) is the UK’s leading membership organisation that collects and uses evidence to improve children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing. Website includes measures for download and guidance around all things outcomes.

Goals and goal based outcomes  (2012)

The third edition of advice, co-authored by Duncan Law, on how to use goals and goals based outcomes including a section on setting goals when working with children and young people with learning disabilities, and suggestions of how to word GBO discussions and using GBOs on a session-by-session basis. 

Guide to Using Outcomes and Feedback Tools with Children, Young People and Families (2014)

Co-Edited by Duncan Law


Video presentation by Kate Martin + Amy Feltham from Common Room

Using CYP IAPT feedback and outcome forms to aid clinical practice (2015)

Brief summary which provides advice and support for using feedback and outcome forms in clinical practice co-created by Duncan Law

CYP IAPT LD ROMS Guidance (2015)

Guideline developed with input from the collaborative's learning disabilities implementation group

Would likes – Must haves (2015)

A data collection system functionality wish list collated from attendees of the collaborative Data Meeting

Ideas for using CYP IAPT Dashboards (2016)

Guide intended to be read alongside the CORC data with explanations of the data, suggested questions that could be thought about within team discussions, relevant quality indicators and linked to useful resources.

Using measures training by MindEd

This module is part of the MindEd e-learning that supports the CYP IAPT curriculum. It contains e-learning related to the following:  The Principles of Evidence-based Practice  Doing an Evidence-based Assessment  Evidence-based Clinical Decision-making  Introduction to Routine Outcome Measurements  The Application of Routine Outcome Measurements  Routine Outcome Measurements in Treatment

NHS Digital

HSCIC Mental health updates and MHSDS reports

Recommendations & Guidance for Looked After Children's Services Key Considerations and Outcome Measurement in Therapeutic Work & Consultation (v1 2017) 

Guidance developed by the CYP IAPT collaborative's Looked After Children implementation group

Top data Tips for Assistants 

Guidance developed by the CYP IAPT collaborative's Assistants Implementation Group

Using Clinical Outcomes for Service Improvement

Guide developed with Healthy London Partnership and input from CYP IAPT data meeting attendees