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Participation is the principle that service users have an active role to play in the treatment they receive and in the services they use.



The following resources have been collated by the CYP MH Workforce Development Team to help with Participation training. 

Please click on the relevant heading or hyperlink within the description to access each resource.

Anna Freud is not responsible for external links and resources.

National Children's Bureau

Free Ready to Listen resource to support discussion with children aged 0-7 and their parents/carers about health and wellbeing, and to facilitate their involvement in decision making about local health structures, systems and practice

Skills Tracker sheet

Free tool by Lucy McGregor for young people to track their skills development during participation work

Talking to Looked After Children and Care Leavers

Healthwatch have a range of helpful reports with useful feedback from Talking to Looked After Children and Young People

Setting Up an Involvement Group

Guide from the CYP IAPT collaborative to help services set up a participation group within their organisation.