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    Adaptive Mentalization Based Integrative Treatment (AMBIT) gathering

    A chance to meet, talk and share with others around the world doing similar work to you.

    AMBIT Gathering course

    Our monthly AMBIT space has changed in format from ‘webinar’ to ’meeting’ to better support our ‘community of practice’. This is a principle that sits at the heart of the AMBIT framework. It's a chance to meet, talk and share with others around the world doing similar work to you, and of course us - the AMBIT Programme team. Folks that are interested in AMBIT tend to be in the business of trying to help people with multiple and complex needs, who might not experience their help as helpful! This means that the work can feel tricky and the necessary space to figure things out, create and innovate can be hard to find. And when we do find innovative ways of working, it makes sense that we want to share them.   While organisations tend to provide manuals to meet the training needs of their employees, CoPs help foster the process of storytelling among colleagues which, in turn, helps them strengthen their skills on the job.   AMBIT also promotes the principle of connectedness and a way of developing the trusted relationships that are necessary to support learning. In some ways the pandemic, whilst creating adversity, has provided us with opportunities to connect with others in new ways. Video conferencing means that location is no longer a barrier to connection.

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