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    Breaking the Stigma of Child Death – Anna Freud and NCMD

    Learn more about our Breaking the Stigma of Child Death – Anna Freud and NCMD webinar.

    About this webinar

    The theme for the webinar will be breaking the stigma of talking about child death and engaging with diverse communities on child death. The July 2023 NCMD (The National Child Mortality Database) Trauma Report will be the basis for the webinar. Please click here for the NCMD Trauma Report.

    Aims of this webinar

    • To increase awareness and profile of the work of the National Child Mortality Database (NCMD).

    • To disseminate key themes from the most recent NCMD report about:

      • The main causes of child deaths

      • The modifiable factors relating to child deaths for prevention purposes

    • To raise awareness of how to engage diverse communities in preventing child deaths, using real examples.

    Who is this webinar for?

    • Any professional working with children and young people

    • Parents/carers

    • Researchers and academics where this is of relevance to their field of study

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