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Self-regulation in the early years: the importance of movement and play

Learn more about our Self-regulation in the early years: the importance of movement and play webinar.

About this webinar

Self-regulation is an important skill that begins to develop in the early years. It lays the foundations for children to have positive wellbeing and to be successful in their relationships and learning. Movement is an important part of being able to self-regulate, and much of this happens through a play-based approach in the early years.

Our speakers will talk about the importance of self-regulation and movement. They will share practical suggestions and ideas of how other early years practitioners can help children in their settings.

Aims of this webinar

  • To promote our self-regulation resource; 

  • To share the importance of movement and play for self-regulation; 

  • To share actionable ideas of how practitioners can incorporate movement for young children.

Who is this webinar for?

  • CAMHS Practitioners/Mental Health Practitioners

  • Commissioners

  • Nurse Practitioners/Doctors

  • Counsellors

  • Psychiatrists/Psychologist/Psychotherapist/Therapists/Family Therapists

  • Researchers

  • School leaders/Management

  • SEN/Designated Mental Health Lead/Pastoral support

  • Social Workers

  • Students/Teachers/Support staff

  • Local Authority staff members

  • CCG Members

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