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    The AMBIT AIM cards: A remote and face to face tool for direct client work

    Helping professionals apply mentalizing in their face-to-face client work.

    About this course

    This one-day training focuses on how to use the AMBIT AIM cards. The AIM cards are a tool designed to encourage applying mentalizing in face-to-face client work. They can be used ‘in-person or as a unique remote version in order to:  

    • Get to know a client and build an understanding of their perspective across a wide range of areas of life. 

    • Develop shared plans and goals and then monitor progress on these collaboratively through your work together

    • The AIM cards are particularly relevant as a tool to use with clients who have multiple needs and may find it difficult to express or communicate their views

    The training will also cover the use of the AIM questionnaire- a worker-rated version of the AIM cards which is used as an outcome measure to track progress across a wide range of areas of functioning. 

    Participants will be given access to the remote version of the AIM cards as part of the training.

    This is a live online training, with trainers present throughout. The training consists of an engaging combination of live teaching, group discussion, skills practice, and interactive online activities. 

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    Rebecca Smith

    Rebecca Smith

    Lead Trainer

    James Fairbairn

    Senior AMBIT Trainer