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Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy (DIT) 5-day

Learn more about our Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy (DIT) 5-day training.

About this training

The 5-day dynamic interpersonal therapy (DIT) training provides psychoanalytically/dynamically trained practitioners with a structure within which to conduce a time limited (16 sessions), manualised psychodynamic therapy. 

It is intended as a CPD course to hone the skills of already established psychodynamic practitioners so as to enable them to deliver an effective brief psychodynamic intervention for the treatment of depression.

In order to become a DIT practitioner trainees are required to attend the 5-day training and pass the role play (step one), successfully complete supervision (step two) and pass a case study (step three).

Applications for 2024 are now open. Please submit your application to before our application deadline on Friday 2nd February 2024

Aims of the training

This workshop provides a basic introduction sufficient to enable participants to begin practicing this manualized treatment with supervision. The course includes presentation of theories and techniques, observation of live role-plays, discussion and formulation of specific cases.

Who is this training for?

DIT is designed to be implemented by therapists with an interest in and experience of psychoanalytic/dynamic psychotherapy. Anyone who meets the full requirements can attend otherwise they cannot proceed on to the clinical part of the training programme. Only those individuals who: a) possess a diploma level or equivalent training in psychoanalytic psychotherapy or counselling and, b) who pass the role play exercise at the end of the course can then go on to supervised clinical practice (two cases for 16 sessions each – all session taped) in order to become practitioners in DIT. Please note that cost of the supervision is not included in the price of the training.

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