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Dynamic Interpersonal Training (DIT) Refresher

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About this training

This is a one-day refresher training for those who have completed the original five-day training or the 20-day training in Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy (DIT) and it assumes a broad understanding of the DIT model. 

The course aims to refresh the key concepts and clinical stages in the model, review the teaching materials and videos and introduce updated course material. The day will not involve any role plays but will include clinical examples to bring the work to life and illustrate aspects of the model. You are encouraged to bring your own clinical experiences to the course, including goodbye letters and IPAFs that you have found challenging. 

Aims of this training

  • To explore how we as DIT supervisors can best model a countertransference-led approach to supervision of this brief psychodynamic therapy.

  • To focus on areas of the DIT model that practitioners may find tricky, as is sometimes apparent from their case reports of DIT work. For example, we may explore experiences of supervising the use of interpretations, the work done ‘within the moment,’ and dealing well with endings.

Who is this training for?

This training is for qualified DIT practitioners who would like to refresh their skills. It is also for those who have undertaken the 5-day or 20-day DIT training but have not gone on to the supervised practice; or those who have not completed their case study; or those who have not had formal supervision of their DIT work and have stopped using it in their IAPT practice.

It builds on your prior knowledge of the DIT model. The course is a requirement for those who have not been able to start their supervised DIT practice within six months of completing the course and who need to refresh their knowledge of the model.

It is optional for anyone working in the DIT model who would like to revisit the core concepts. 

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