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    Interpersonal Psychotherapy Training refresher

    About this course

    The clinically focused workshop will provide a refresher for recently trained IPT therapists and will focus on how to implement the key objectives of the IPT model in routine practice.  During this day we will give particular attention to key issues that are often difficult for therapists to feel confident in during initial casework, such as conducting a symptom review, finding a focus, negotiating useful and relevant goals, and maintaining links between the interpersonal context and symptoms across the session.

    Attendees will be strongly encouraged to bring recorded clips of their work to review with the group and receive live supervision on the issues they are finding difficult in practice.  Feedback from previous attendees has been that this has provided a very helpful way to develop effective clinical skills.

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    "I think just coming back after having tried IPT in the real world is really valuable. It allows us to discuss all of the snags that come up that are not obvious to us in the 5 day training. I think it is really helpful for the training content to come from us. I found the symptom review, IP sensitivity discuss at the end most helpful." - Participant, March 2017

    "Relevant and appropriate; experiential and informative; engaging and inspiring." - Participant, March 2017

    "Roz has such depth of experience; having her lead the training was invaluable. Getting into the detail of possible problem areas of implementing IPT was also very helpful." - Participant, March 2017

    Dr Roslyn Law

    Dr Roslyn Law

    Consultant Clinical Psychologist

    A consultant clinical psychologist working with children, adolescents and adults.