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About this course 

Applicants for supervisor training are not automatically accepted as a result of applying. Applications are carefully reviewed in terms of standards of clinical and reflective work completed during training and the aptitude of each candidate for the role of supervisor is reviewed by an existing or training supervisor.

Each applicant is paired with another supervisor trainee throughout training. Cases 5 and 6 are conducted together with a qualified supervisor and trainees provide ratings and feedback on each other's work as part of the training. When an application is approved the trainee is matched with another candidate and only successfully matched pairs can proceed to the training. 

All practitioner and supervisor training intakes are limited by the supervision capability available to support each training.

The course aims to develop advanced skills in group and individual supervision of IPT practice. The course aims to provide participants with advanced knowledge and theoretical understanding of IPT and will provide a competency-based format for self-assessment and clinical supervision. It will extend the knowledge and skills of qualified IPT practitioners in the clinical application of IPT across all focal areas and a range of clinical presentations. This course will consolidate IPT practitioner skills and develop knowledge and understanding of the skills required to supervise in a peer and accreditation setting.

Trainees will develop skills in evaluating adherence to the IPT model, communicating effectively and constructively on the successful application of knowledge and techniques, and managing and supporting change in non-adherent practice. The module will equip trainees with knowledge and understanding of the importance of communication skills, conceptualization skills, evaluation skills, supporting skills transfer from alternative approaches, promoting the development of new skills and adapted application of existing skills in IPT trainees.

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Dr Roslyn Law

Dr Roslyn Law

Consultant Clinical Psychologist

A consultant clinical psychologist working with children, adolescents and adults.