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Mentalization-Based Treatment for Antisocial Personality Disorder (MBT-ASPD)

This online training explores Mentalization-Based Treatment for Antisocial Personality Disorder (MBT-ASPD), providing a comprehensive understanding of ASPD and offering practical clinical skills for application in healthcare and criminal justice systems.

About this training 

You will gain insights into ASPD as a mentalizing disorder and acquire practical clinical skills for effective application in healthcare and criminal justice settings. MBT has been adapted for the treatment of people with antisocial personality disorder (MBT-ASPD). Join us to articulate ASPD as a mentalizing disorder, discuss developmental insights, clinically formulate ASPD clients, and deliver basic mentalizing interventions.  

Aims of the training 

  • Understanding of violence 

  • Outline of a developmental and mentalizing perspective of ASPD 

  • Mentalization based formulation of ASPD 

  • Clinical skills for individual and group MBT as applied to people with ASPD. 

The teaching will use didactic teaching, role plays, video, and discussion. At the end of the course participants will be able to:  

  • Articulate ASPD as a disorder of mentalizing 

  • Discuss the developmental understanding of mentalizing, antisocial behaviour and violence 

  • Formulate clinically clients with antisocial personality disorder 

  • Deliver some basic mentalizing interventions for people with ASPD. 

Who is this training for?  

This workshop is suitable for mental health and other professionals who are interested in the treatment of personality disorder. Applicants for the basic entry training course must meet the following pre-entry criteria: 

  • Be engaged in MBT treatment for people with personality disorder; 

  • Be undertaking supervised practice when treating people with personality disorder; 

  • Have some understanding of criminal justice systems;

  • Aim to treat people with antisocial personality disorder.

Professor Anthony Bateman

MBT Training Consultant

Anna Motz

Clinical Psychologist

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