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​​Mentalization-Based Treatment (MBT) Narcissism Training​

This intensive, 3-day training introduces you to a streamlined, common-sense treatment approach to treating these patients: mentalization based treatment for pathological narcissism, or MBT-N.

About this training  

Despite the growing cultural and empirical interest in narcissism and narcissistic personality disorder, therapists often feel confused and overwhelmed about how to help patients struggling with these problems. This intensive, 3-day training introduces clinicians to a streamlined, common-sense treatment approach to treating these patients: mentalization based treatment for pathological narcissism, or MBT-N. The training reviews the deficits in mentalizing associated with pathological narcissism, describes how to give the diagnosis of narcissism to patients, outlines how to structure therapy sessions, and offers step-by-step techniques about “what to do and say” when sitting with these patients. 

The course trainers explain how to address the most common clinical challenges associated with narcissism: disconnection from emotions; impairments in empathy; rigid thinking; monologues and intellectualization; unstable self-esteem; and tendencies to blame other people for disruptions in their relationships. This training qualifies as an official “basic” training in MBT, while also instructing participants in how to apply MBT’s evidence-based principles in order to help patients suffering from narcissistic challenges. 

Aims of this training  

  • Ability to implement basic interventions of mentalization based treatment 

  • Diagnose pathological narcissism (PN) correctly, including collaboratively delivering the diagnosis in experience-near, patient-centred terms 

  • Assess and identify core problems in mentalizing associated with PN 

  • Articulate the interventional pathway for affect elaboration in the treatment of PN 

  • Define therapeutic principles for addressing cognitive rigidity and emotional disconnection in PN.

Who is this training for?  

This training is suitable for clinicians of all disciplines who treat adults and who are interested in applying the principles of MBT in clinical practice. It will be especially useful for clinicians who treat patients who exhibit traits of pathological narcissism, even if these patients do not meet full diagnostic criteria for narcissistic personality disorder. The training will also appeal to researchers and trainees who have an interest in learning about the diverse presentations of narcissism and its effective treatment. 

Attendees must finish the "Mentalizing and Mentalization Based Treatment with Adults (MBT Adult) – An Introduction" online course before the training. Full payment grants access, and completion ensures optimal training engagement. The online course covers essential theory in four hours, providing foundational knowledge. Payment is required for training place confirmation.  

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