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    Online Practitioner Development Groups Mentalization Based Treatments with Children and Young People (MBT CYP) MBT-A, MBT-C, MBT-F

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    Online Practitioner Development Groups

    The Online Practitioner Development Groups aim to provide a supportive environment where you can build on your skills in employing a mentalizing stance and using a variety of mentalizing techniques appropriate to the child, young person or family you are working with.  These groups aim to be an extension of your basic training in MBT-C, MBT-F or MBT-A and will provide you with a focused opportunity to develop your skills in applying a mentalizing model in your current practice.  You will need to be prepared to present case material from your current practice where you are using the MBT CYP model you trained in. 

    It is anticipated that after completing the 10 group sessions and presenting in at least 6 of these, participants will be ready to move on to second and final stage of becoming a MBT CYP practitioner.  Here you will need to submit one tape of a session along with a brief written submission to be reviewed by a second approved supervisor. 

    Further details can be found on the training booking pages for MBT-C, MBT-F and MBT-A on the website.

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    Dr Sheila Redfern

    Dr Sheila Redfern

    Consultant clinical psychologist