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    Mentalization Skills in Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT)

    About this course

    Mentalizing – attending to mental states in oneself and others in order to understand intention and behaviour – has been described as “the most fundamental common factor among psychotherapeutic techniques”.

    Listen to 'Interpreting the Dodo Bird' podcast by Professor Peter Fonagy here. 

    This workshop is aimed at IPT practitioners and supervisors with an interest in exploring and consolidating their use of Mentalization techniques in IPT and therapists using Mentalization based treatment who would like to know more about IPT. We aim to learn from each other! Knowledge of Mentalization or IPT techniques is not assumed and a concise introduction to the key ideas underpinning Mentalization and their relevance for IPT practice  will be covered. This workshop will employ a combination of didactic teaching, discussion of clinical illustrations, demonstrations as well as participant and tutor led role-plays.

    Please note, Peter Fonagy teaches, on average for half-day on this training course rather than the full duration of the training. At times, due to unforeseen circumstances his teaching time is reduced. The training is led by other experienced trainers. Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families reserves the right to change speakers without notice.

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    Dr Roslyn Law

    Dr Roslyn Law

    Consultant Clinical Psychologist

    A consultant clinical psychologist working with children, adolescents and adults.

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    Peter Fonagy

    Professor of Psychoanalysis and Developmental Science and Head of the Division of Psychology and Language Sciences at University College London