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Motivational Interviewing and Mentalizing

Discover motivational interviewing, blending client-centred methods with Mentalization. Hone skills through practical sessions in maintaining a mentalizing stance. 

About this training

How do you help people who aren’t sure they want help? How do you support people to make change when at times they are not sure they really want to change?  

In this course, you will explore Motivational Interviewing (MI) - a client-centred approach to enhancing motivation and supporting change. Integrating Mentalization, emphasises maintaining a mentalizing stance. Through hands-on practice, you will also hone in on motivational interviewing and mentalizing skills. 

Aims of this training

This is a live online training, with trainers present throughout. The training consists of an engaging combination of live teaching, group discussion, skills practice, and interactive online activities. The training aims to help practitioners in a variety of settings to support people to engage in help and make change and will cover: 

  • The ethos/principles of MI 

  • The cycle of change and how to apply it to your work 

  • Mentalizing and the mentalizing stance: how they relate to MI and cycle of change 

  • Principles of Motivational work 

  • Recognising and working with ambivalence 

  • Recognising and responding to sustain/change talk in ourselves and with clients. 

Who is this training for? 

This training is suitable for all practitioners who work with children, young people and families in the areas of health, social care, education and youth services. It will be of particular interest to those who would like to introduce MI interventions into their existing practice and already use mentalization based practices in their work. But prior knowledge and experience of mentalizing approaches and MI are not essential. 

Further information

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